Your Insurance Rights

With us at Spray Shack Ltd we carry out regular insurance work, whilst your insurance company will prefer you to use one of their approved repairers, the fact of the matter is that it is ultimately your choice as to where you have your vehicle repaired. We hear lots of negatives about insurance companies pressurising people to use their approved repairers and not independent repairers liek ourselves. In fact, we are NBRA, IMI, RMI accredited repairer meaning that our high standards are regularly monitored to ensure our high standard of repairs are produced time after time.

You do NOT have to use one of their approved repairers, YOUR CAN YOUR CHOICE

We DO guarantee the paintwork

We deal directly with your insurance company and send the estimates and other information ASAP – NO DELAY on our part during the authorisation process

We DO have free courtesy cars available at no additional cost and YES YOU ARE INSURED with us

We ONLY use genuine parts

We DO release the car back to the customer upon completion of the work with no delays

We sort everything out on your behalf, dealing with your insurance company directly all we need are the insurance companies details and your claim number.